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About 300 Kovids have been identified in the country

Corona infection has suddenly started to increase in Qatar. Although the corona infection has been under control for a long time, about three hundred and fifty people were infected with corona on Monday. Which is the highest in the last one year. Expatriates are fearful of another lockdown due to …

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Guinness Book of Records for Christmas decorations

Sylvia Pope, a British woman, set the record by collecting a huge collection of Christmas bouquets. Sylvia’s collection includes about 160 hanging baobab necklaces. He will be bringing his collection to 2000 in the next couple of years. Many people call him Nana Baubals for his huge collection. These attractive …

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Recognized Coroner’s record in the UK

Fear, dread, and fear are not cutting in Britain. Don’t break all previous records in this country every day. Infections are increasing day by day. The death march is long. More than 120,000 people have been infected with covid in the last day in Britain. Which is the highest ever …

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Two killed in a Saudi missile strike

Earlier, another missile struck a village near Najran. A civilian car was damaged. The Saudi-led coalition said the missile was launched from a white city in Yemen. Saudi aircraft have carried out air strikes targeting the source of the potential threat. Saudi coalition forces have demanded the destruction of four …

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