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Importance Of Work Experience

Students who work with internships, part-time and summer jobs during their undergraduate studies offer themselves a significant advantage in the job market after graduation. Since not all working students understand how to benefit from their work experience, it is important for them to think about their job as a way to support their career goals. In order for this to happen, students must understand five things that improve their chances of success at work:

1. Performance: Employers look for candidates who will perform well for them. While good performance in class is highly desirable, it does not always translate into good performance in the job for every student. This is why employers want to see or know a student’s work performance where they have worked. The more positive feedback they get from previous employers, the more interested they will be in the student.

2. Experience: Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. Experienced employees can anticipate problems and learn how to deal with emerging problems. They will be able to run things smoothly again quickly and increase productivity. Since some skills and abilities only come with experience, employers prefer candidates who have already demonstrated their skills and work ethic in the workplace. Emergencies, accidents, faults, equipment failures, and the difficulties and pressures associated with them will test any employee in the real world. The way students interact with them depends on the experience and perceptions they gain in the job.

3. Reliability: Employers select reliable employees. They arrive on time every day and are ready to work. These staff are very productive. They exceed the requirements for regular quantity, quality and timeliness. They always get the job done, even when they are not supervised. The key to success is being a person who can rely on the employer.

4. Accomplishments: Employers try to recruit people who learn quickly, work hard, help them make money, create harmony and skills in the workplace, and strengthen relationships with clients. Therefore, students can create an impressive resume by emphasizing their achievements in this field, including internships, part-time jobs, and summer jobs.

5. People: Employers are generally interested in candidates who get along well with and respect others in the workplace. They know that work often requires cooperation, collaboration and teamwork to get the job done well. Students who can get along well with their peers and help them achieve results will have higher demand. For students, the workplace is where they build relationships with people who can help them in the job market. There are some people in the workplace who can help students get the information and training they need to perform at a high level. Students should also look for other employees to include in their employment network. Additionally, when students influence company executives with their performance, those executives may be willing to act as a reference and offer students a full-time job after they graduate.

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