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Messi is losing his place in the Argentina team

Argentina will take on Chile in the last week of this month, on January 26. In addition, Messi’s team will play at home against Colombia in the next match. However, there has been a lot of confusion over whether captain Lionel Messi will play in these two matches.

Because the effects of the new variant of Corona Omicron have begun to reverberate on the world stage. Many matches have already been canceled. Besides, the condition of football clubs is also chaotic. The big question is whether the clubs will leave their footballers to play for the country in such a situation, just as it is not possible to say whether the players will not be attacked while playing.

And that’s why Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni is also thinking about it. He does not want to keep Messi in the squad for the next two matches as his team has already secured a ticket to the World Cup in Qatar. This is according to the country’s media TYC Sports.

PSG’s Argentine star Lionel Messi was attacked by Corona a few days ago while visiting the country for the Christmas holidays. The big question was whether the club would allow him to play for the country again in such a situation. And so maybe Scaloni is thinking without him for now.

Meanwhile, the good news was received a couple of days ago. Messi has recovered from Corona. The coronavirus test result was negative for this Argentine.

After recovering from the epidemic, Messi returned to the yard of PSG. Now, after the relevant fitness test of the doctors, it will be known whether he will be able to play in the match against Lin.

Messi tested positive for coronavirus after being attacked by one of the club’s staff. Not only Messi but 3 other players including him were affected by Corona, PSG club authorities said. When all the players were tested in the Corona before the French League Cup Coupe de France, the Corona positive came from four PSG players. Messi was ruled out of the League Cup match against Venice due to a corona attack.

“Four of our footballers tested positive in the Corona Test,” PSG said in a statement after Messi was attacked by Corona. They are Juan Bernat, Sergio Rico, Nathan Bitumajal and Lionel Messi. We have quarantined them from the team. They are in our health protocol.

The players of the prestigious football clubs are in no way excluded from the tsunami that struck Corona in Europe. Earlier, in the last few days, Corona has shown dominance in the clubs of England. That power has also spread to France and Spain.

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