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Strong condemnation of the burning of bodies after the killing of civilians

The United States has said that those responsible for the killings will be held accountable. Meanwhile, the junta government has denied allegations of military torture against civilians. The Foreign Office has described the allegations as anti-government propaganda.

Hundreds of people in Myanmar’s Karen province also gathered on the Thai border in the face of an army operation on Monday. However, Thai authorities tightened security at the border to prevent intrusion. In the last few days, thousands of Myanmar people have taken refuge in the border areas of Thailand to save their lives in the face of military torture.

Myanmar’s government, meanwhile, has come under fire around the world since reports surfaced in the media last Friday of the killing of civilians, including children, in Kaya province. Condemned by the United States, Australia, the European Union and the United Nations.

A UN official said in a statement on Sunday that they were “shocked” by the incident. He called for an end to the torture of civilians in Myanmar and for a proper investigation into the incident. The US embassy in Myanmar also issued a statement. Pressure will continue to be brought to hold those involved accountable, they said.

Meanwhile, Myanmar’s junta government has denied military action against civilians in various provinces. In a statement issued on Monday, the Foreign Office said that the opposition was spreading false anti-government propaganda without knowing the truth of the incident.

At least 36 people, including women and children, were killed in an army operation in a village in Myanmar’s Kaya province on Friday. Their bodies were later set on fire, according to various human rights groups. However, the Myanmar army has claimed that such allegations are false.

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