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Barcelona and Messi seemed to be the name of an inseparable relationship

That Messi ended a long 21-year relationship in Paris during the transfer season. That was about five months ago. But even if you are not the best star of the team.

Bar এখনোa are still selling the No. 10 jersey and the captain’s armband in Messi’s memory at Deders. The Argentine superstar left the club a long time ago but is still taking advantage of his name. Although there may be no barriers to selling the former footballer’s jersey, when the player is Messi, the situation in Poibarro is that of a Catalan club.

According to Spanish media, Barাa are selling jerseys and bracelets signed by Messi in their official stores and those sales are also at quite high prices. Former captain Lionel Messi’s jersey last season is being sold for 1,180 euros, which is more than one lakh 13 thousand rupees in Bangladeshi currency!

Besides, the captain’s armband is also being sold at a high price. It is known that these souvenirs of Messi are so expensive that only the rich can buy them.

Meanwhile, after a long lesson with Barcelona and settling in a new club, the Paris Giants were dreaming of Messi, the little football wizard. But Messi seems to have gone through the best bad times of his career. We had to wait a long time to see the debut goal. He has scored only one goal in 11 matches in League One. However, the record seventh Ballon d’Or was won last November in a great performance last season.

Recently, PSG forward Andre Herrera talked about Messi. In an interview with Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, he said that Messi is currently the best footballer in the world. He also believes that another teammate of the club Killian Mbappe will be the best in the coming days.

Messi and Ronaldo have been ruling the football world for the last one decade. At this time, Mbappe is recognizing his own caste. Despite such an impeccable record of 23-year-old Mbappe, Messi is the best in the eyes of Andre Herrera.

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